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What major victories did the allies win

In any battle, the allies had men from US, Canada, Britain, the list goes on and on, allowing the allies to have endless amounts of soldiers to win the battle, over the certain amount of Germans.
Comments should not consist solely of jokes.The Italian invasion of North Africa, for example, caused the Germans to have to expend resources because the Italians failed. .The Luftwaffe striking fear during the Battle of Britain.Britain, by virtue of being an island and by virtue of its air and sea power, could not be invaded. .With the size of the Russian army, Hitler already underestimated one factor, but he forgot all about the Cold, Russian weather.The Soviets tanks had wider treads and their factories were producing war materials fast, thanks to Stalin's 5 year plans.Pearl Harbour - furious.Italy was mostly poorly prepared.
Operation Barbarossa, with a bit of a delay moving units around, the Germans had to start the Operation a bit later in the year, but it was going to be another quick victory right?
Then Goring a German Luftwaffe Commander convinced Hitler to allow the Luftwaffe to bomb the city to take the victory.
Guam liberated by the US Okinawa, and Iwo Jima bombed.
The Germans made a huge mistake by invading the Soviet Union. .
Tens of thousands of Japanese died and Japan surrendered in September.
D Day: The Allied invasion of France.
No Tertiary Sources Like.The winter set in as the war went longer and farther into the year and the German Soldiers were not prepared.In Hitlers case, Lebensraum, living space.1945 * Auschwitz liberated by Soviet troops.Rules in Brief.I will answer questions # 1 and 4 here because they are related to one another. .They wanted to conquer, to have more land.The Axis also helped the Allies by making a number of mistakes. .Serious On-Topic Comments Only: No Jokes, Anecdotes, Clutter, or other, digressions.Those 5 points were the most important points to success in our opinion, and hopefully you enjoyed this World War 2 allied victory project by Alejandro Torres and Jordan Howe!With defeats in Greece and East and North Africa, Italy was failing to succeed.Didnt consult Hitler.There classicparts com promotional code 2012 were citizens in European countries that gave resources like food water and clothes to the liberating allies as a sign of respect and honor.Be Nice : No Racism, Bigotry, or Offensive Behavior.

What were the consequences of the war?
Africa - El Alamein 1942 Huge resources of USA Capacity of ussr to resist and fight back Industrial might - 5 year plans Unity due to invasion - Great Patriotic War Stalin used patriotism well Inability of Hitler to exploit divisions -.g.