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that's cool wire discount code

Look what I found under the cover!
Incorrect accelerator cable adjustment.
The Injectors in our example system are marked with a green stripe painted around their circumference.
As you route the cable inside the engine bay be sure the cable is far enough away from moving engine parts and anything that could pinch.Run the Audio Cables Making the audio signal connection between your head unit and amp is where it can get a little confusing for first-time installers.It has a 6-pin win a hellcat charger connector on it, with terminal positions labeled "12 "9 "8 "7 "6 and "36" (from left to right).The associated induction system is easy to identify, with prominant curved aluminum intake tooled up discount code 2015 runners.Finally, EFI provides fresh new technical challenges to keep us geeky tech types learning and growing, and it opens up whole new performance opportunities for us to play with.Look for a place to anchor your fuse holder within 18 of your battery, although less than 6 is best.Check to see if theres a gap where the cable goes through the grommet.Wiring Aftermarket Speakers Since youll be pulling out your factory speakers and will have to disassemble your door panels anyway, now is a good opportunity to run all new 16-gauge wiring from your new speakers to the amp so youre sure to get the best.Connect the Ground Cable Your ground cable should be short and the same diameter (gauge) as your power cable.Someone has already "re-chipped" this particular ECU!With the sensor in the throttle-open position, you should read.2.9 volts.
The Next Generation of IT Support.
Try entering a new location or adjusting the distance.
Use this procedure to clear faults:.
The potentiometer is a resistive device supplied with a voltage from the ECU.
Replace a sensor that doesn't go below.300 volts or above.700 volts.Even when adding a switch, its still best to use a switched power source because if you tap into a constant 12-volt source and forget to switch off your amp when you park, youll come back to a drained battery.Those are fair questions.EFI Cable Harness Assembly The EFI Cable Harness Assembly is connected to the ECU by one 40-pin Amphenol connector (part number ).Called "Motronic these engine management systems were designed and produced by Robert Bosch GmbH.The Rover EFI intake manifold will bolt right onto all Buick, Olds, and Rover aluminum V8 engines, but to assure that the injector spray patterns aren't obstructed it may be necessary to notch the valley pan gasket and also file small reliefs into the edges.It isn't clear from the Rover literature we've found exactly how many other modes the ECU might enter if it had an operational Road Speed Transducer.If multiple faults exist, the display shows the one that the ECU thinks is highest priority.At some point once you reach the amp, the power cable is going to have to come out from behind the trim or underneath the carpet to connect to the amp.If you have an afternoon to spare and consider yourself a detail-oriented person, then this is one job you can rock out yourself.