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Horses clearly arrived in Egypt with an invasion, that of the Hyksos, but there is no evidence that the Hyksos were Iranians.
The possibility of Scotland or Catalonia breaking away from their existing countries means that Gaelic and Catalan could become, with EU membership, new official languages.Old starbucks ph card Church Slavonic In Christendom, however, there really is no other Hebrew literature, since Biblical scholarship and religious writing has been conducted either in Greek, Latin, or later languages.Where in India, exceptionally, it is the eternity of the spoken word that is affirmed, the origin of this in an illiterate culture is almost too obvious even to dispute.Claims can be found on the Internet that the Arya and their gods were autochthonous to India; but the linguistic, archeological, and epigraphic evidence is overwhelming in favor of their arrival from the Steppe, like the Turks and Mongols centuries later, and of their origin.Moving from east to west, the Turks came as far west as the Iranians on the Steppe itself.Behind Greek and Latin, however, there is Hebrew, which also counts as a Classical language for Christendom as well as for Judaism because an essential item of religious literature, the Hebrew Bible, is in that language (and some Aramaic).
The thesis that the work was done by the Incas seems to have gone the way of the idea that Great Zimbabwe was built by the Queen of Sheba.
Eclectic, bohemian, spirited, the Josie customer is a contemporary woman with downtown tastes who wants cool feminine looks.
And all serious Muslims will learn Arabic to some degree in order to read the Qur'ân.
Their sacred literature was entirely oral and was written down only much later in the Hindu tradition.
We see this as Beijing, has replaced "Peking where not only is the word commonly pronounced as though it were French rather than Chinese, people who do not speak Chinese have little chance of pronouncing it within shouting distance of actual Mandarin phonology.It has become a mark of sophistication, or political correctness, to shun "Bombay." However, most people outside India using Mumbai may be at a loss to identify the language to which this name belongs.Love the Lord your God in all your heart and in all your soul and in all your mind.Brahman is left without much in the way of positive characteristics, much like the "One" of Being in Parmenides.Here, the world, even as illusion, can exist as a representation within the consciousness of Brahman.Various Indian languages are certain to continue and thrive, while English continues for purposes of neutral national communication - with the interesting feature that it is the English version of laws that is authoritative, while the Supreme Court of India deliberates in English.He is the Self.The New World civilizations of Meso-America (5) and the Andes (6) involve some anomalies in comparison to the Old World civilizations.Sanskrit and Hindi-Urdu have the true aspirates.Next comes Latin, which was current within Francia (through which once ran the writ of the Popes, until the Reformation).More conventional, but still pious, scholarship may still exaggerate the antiquity of the Vedas, sometimes claiming they go back to 10,000 BC or earlier.

A striking geographical feature of the early civilizations is that they were all in river valleys, and not only that, but desert, or at least desicated, river valleys.