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Silver scent gift pack

Review of the spray: My spray EDP bottle resembles the older curved styled bottle above, and not the newer square bottles pictured to the right.
It's just a sort of gender impression that geometric gift wrap comes across to me with these scents.Surprisingly different from the roll-on oil.Silver in spray form does the exact same thing.The fruit in RW is a bit more muted and "purple although I understand that ascribing colors to notes doesn't really clarify their effect.One of my absolute favorite fragrances.Even just sniffing it sno queen discount code from the atomizer, the resemblance to RW is uncanny.
It doesn't make its wearers feel like they're wearing a "Fits all shapes and sizes" perfume.
It's like comparing freshly baked artisan bread to a 3 year old open box of croutons.
It has a beautiful, metallic cold water note that comes across brisk and almost chilling.
While I fall into the camp that wears fragrances for themselves and not others, I can unequivocally say that I have never owned a fragrance that has garnered more positive feedback than SMW.
You inhale deeply and exhale 's like that.
I have also read reviews stating that performance is an issue.The 35 ml EDP spray comes with an 8 ml travel spray from one of the Amazon retailers, so that's 43 ml that I got for.Al Rehab in comparison comes across musty and stale.The more I wear it the more I love it and there doesn't seem to be anything out there quite like.If you're expecting the spray to smell like the oil, be warned, it's close, definitely cut from the same cloth, but the two variants are, for whatever reason, significantly different enough to warrant owning both, unless you happen to really dislike RW, in which case.I can wear it for any occasion formal or informal.I like the oil, but it's a little hard to wear sometimes.Imagine sitting near a creek in the Rocky Mountains in early/mid June and the only snow left is on the Mountain peaks.

Certainly signature scent worthy, along with collecting fragrances, I am also a watch collector.