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Batman: Arkham Series : In Batman: Arkham Asylum, the final confrontation with The just simply baby coupon code Joker begins with Batman walking into what is obviously a trap, spotting a bomb, and just standing there like a damned moron while it explodes.
The above example is particularly bad because when its triggered, you've likely just finished clearing a room, see a blocked door, and making sure you can't be ambushed, attempt to open the door only for an enemy to just teleport in behind Ellie and grab.
He lets the CEO of Tai Yong at what age do you get senior citizen discounts Medical get behind him, trigger a panic room, and dive into.In Knights of the Old Republic, Darth Malak appears as a Duel Boss about two-thirds of the way through the game.Completing the quest requires clearing the maze to get the key, and it leads back to the starting area.When the player first takes control of Ellie in The Last of Us, they first have to clear out a level full of infected enemies.He's easy enough to beat.Kosy charges in, and as promised, begins losing spectacularly.In the cutscene, the fate-spinner takes on her ranged form and they all charge into melee against Anton's forces, getting mowed down by Anton egypt gift of the nile definition and his men.However, at one point, you have to rescue a badly-damaged Bentusi ship from a fairly small enemy flotilla that a Bentusi tradeship should've been able to wipe out in 10 seconds flat.Is somehow unable to pull herself.It gets worse, One of the guys that goes down to a bullet?
When approaching the Grindary, the party is surrounded by a wave of moves.
Of course, he spends the entire game either drunk or detoxing.
There are also multiple occasions where he is captured at the end of a level by a few regular enemy soldiers, the same type of enemy soldiers he was slaughtering en mass during the level itself.
Eventually he is manipulated by a Hostage for MacGuffin situation in which he hands over the demon statues Jaquio to prevent him from killing Irene.
Yet in every single cutscene (apart from a single one in the Citadel DLC) his biotics are completely forgotten about, and he simply relies on a pistol instead.
Defend the first of the Dark Crystals, held behind King Giott's throne room.Admittedly, she did say she could handle him and didn't need any help, but the hero can't be that spiteful, right?Worse still, they have all four elements of Djinn on two party members, which turns them into a Master of None.He is also captured all too easily if spotted during gameplay.In The Godfather 2, there's one point where the Manganos take over some of your businesses while you're forced to watch the cutscene of them doing.When Ocelot first starts to reload his two revolvers, he exposed and in the open while cutscene Snake does nothing until both of the guns are full again.A similar event also occurs in the beginning of Final Fantasy VII, in which Cloud is forced to flee from guards that are pathetically easy to defeat in battle.At the end of it, you're tasked with killing the main villain who's fleeing in a jetpack.If the player attempts to use offensive magic, the book tells the player that the magic doesn't work and the sorceress has noticed the attempt and she has ordered her bears to attack you.Even so, when Grace turns on Ser Thrask and Hawke, no one bothers to take the next 3 dialogues worth of time to kill her.Three Terminators enter the only door out.

Special forces getting killed, Snake being critically injured, and the (fake) McGuffin being lost.
Then a handfull of unarmed mooks approach you and beat you into pulp while you (the Player) watch helplessly.
Having bested her after a difficult battle, she gets up and kicks your ass anyway, forcing the game's Token Mini-Moe to step in and beat Liessel.