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Had Krishna married 16000 of them, it would have taken him more than 10 years even at rate of 4 marriages a day as per the prevailing rituals!
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At the top, choose a time range.And in a society that respects women, the question of adverse gender ratio does not arise as is happening in conservative Muslim countries.Atharva Ved.30.2 and.2.64 also appeal husband and wife win co foods hours to be devoted and faithful to each other.Same was followed by all his brothers.There is no single mantra in the entire 4 Vedas that even give a hint of supporting more than one wife or more than one husband.That is why Hindus had no discomfort or objection to formal introduction of monogamy as a law after independence.
We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape.
In Atharva Veda.38.4, wife says that You should only be mine.
In Atharva Veda.35.4 both husband and wife state that, You establish me in your heart so that our minds become one and same.
After some radio success, his first recording for a film was in 1944, for the Punjabi Gul Baloch, under the musical director Shyam Sunder.
The concept of Radha grew popular only in very recent times during dark age of India when rulers of princely states were busy big win basketball mod money only in considering themselves Krishna incarnate and indulging into lustful activities by demeaning just a legendary Brahmachari character!
At the top right, click More.If one looks at 2008 data of World Population as published by UN Statistics Division, there are 2 more males than females in the world!Please read this excellent article by Dr Satya Pal Singh, Police Commissioner of Police, Pune: prohibition nye promo code Lord Krishna Lord Krishna an enlightening personality polygamy IN general While polygamy was practiced by certain rulers at various points in time, it was restricted only to ruling class and.It exists only in Brahma Vaivart Puran which is another unscrupulous book like Bhavishya Puran that insults legends like Krishna and Ram.How can we improve it?Click TO gift AND help PAY FOR mission Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings.The focus of this article would be explode the myth that according to Hindu scriptures one can marry as many as one wishes.