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Dominion storm over gift 3

Gameplay video: m, dominion comunity: m, dropbox link for modification download: m, rebalanced.
Things/units i not very like in my modification: - 3-lvl infantry (hard to make them not too useless and not too overpowered, only Merc one feels right).Stationary teleportators now expencive and have longer building time.Hovers not very well balanced (had to make them much cheaper because AI spent all money for them and they are still to easy to kill especially while 2-lvl infantry and rocket-towers can kill them now).Commanders have weaker weapon but more HP (so their role is to be commander, not elite infantry).Hover-transport of Humans and Scorps now can't carry infantry, but got better armor and anti-tank rockets (4 short-range rockets for humans and 1 long-range for scorps).
Things I not done: bass pro shop discount codes 2015 - Better sound effects - wanted to mix old sounds with sounds from modern games, but not found out how to open and edit sound archive.
Very big modification for old RTS "Dominion - Storm over Gift 3" which affects balance of all units - their roles, parameters and cost.
But no matter what i am trying to change in unittype.Some units was totally rebalanced or even changed their roles, so there is the summary of what was done to improve game balance: - Most of Human, Scorp and Merc units got longer range of fire for their weapon (Darkens have shortest range now and.Windows 95, 98, Me or Windows.1-lvl infantry with rifles now much stronger and cheaper, so they are very useful in some situations.Energy wall beacon have no armor, but need no money for repair!Change the role of Darken invisibilitor to something else since this invisibility is too.Rar?dl0, the guide for modding in Dominion: m, modding.And wanted to turn Darken transport in to rocket-bomber too, but this will make 11-th mission of Darken campign impossible to finish then.1-lvl mech of Merc and 2-lvl mech of Darkens and Scorps (most of robots supposed to shoot with laser, but here no sound effect for such laser weapon).Rocket tower now have self-guided missiles same as 2-lvl infantry, but stronger (but splash zone now twice smaller because the old one was too overpowered).New tanks - wanted to take a tank and put a machinegun-tower's turret on it to make a machinegun tank.Tbl file he is able to target only friendly units (even if i give him rockets).

Hover-bombers got much more HP and armor.
Due to this - Darken tank got no transport slots for troopers even while looking like APC (so fast invisible transport is just uncounterable).
Tbl" he still able to shot only his allies no matter which weapon i give to him (i even tried to copy-past all line from another unit for him to make him behave different, but nothing changes).