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David benner the gift of being yourself

Te same is true for the changes in our capacity for love and the functioning of our will and desires. .
The self that arrives is the self that was loved into existence by Divine Love.
Benner, 1 likes, like, created from love, of love and for love, our existence makes no sense apart from Divine love.
Benner, 1 likes, like.He then deals with the issue of self-knowledge, our ignored part-selves and the amazing truth that God in Christ knows us as we truly are, despite all our failed self-improvement projects-and he loves us!Once we realize this, the nature of the journey reveals itself to be more one of awakening than accomplishment, more one of spiritual awareness than spir-itual achievement. .Helpfully it reects the fact that the essence of spirituality is a processspecically, a process of transformation.Benner, 5 likes, like, self-acceptance always precedes genuine self-surrender and self-transformation.
Tere are, however, two very good reasons to describe the spir-itual life in terms of a journey.
The Gift of Being Yourself: The Sacred Call to Self-Discovery by 1,893 ratings,.24 average rating, 176 reviews.
The danger is, and especially for religious folk, that we craft a false free gift laptop self the usually reflects our own judgement of what others (or God) want us.
It zeroes in on the fatal flaw, or basic sin, of each of nine personality types.Unlike classifications of personality that are based on traits,5 the organizing principle of the Enneagram is deeper and less attractive.It grows out of a relationship to the object that is knownwhether this is God or ones self.Some Christians base their identity on being a sinner.This is a short book but worthy of being read both slowly and re-read!.more.Earth is crammed with heaven, and heaven (when we finally get there) will be crammed with earth.Like, the self that begins the spiritual journey is the self of our own creation, the self we thought ourselves.Te changes in identity and con-sciousnesshow we understand what it means to be me and our inner experience of passing through lifeare both suciently pro-found as to be best described as transformational.And there is all the difference in the world between the two.Benner, 1 likes, like, truly transformational knowledge is always personal, never merely objective.Benner argues that the knowledge of self and the knowledge of God walk together.Finally, Benner calls us to find our true self, not by seeking the self, but by seeking the knowledge of the Lord, to identify with Christ and to recognize that the givens of our uniqueness are meant to be lived out in dependence upon Christ.David Benner's book is in some sense about finding our true selves.But no one should fail to do so if what they seek is deep knowing of self.