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Could clinton still win in 2016

200 Trump's right-wing populist positionsreported by The New Yorker to be nativist, protectionist, and semi- isolationist differ in many ways from traditional conservatism.
27 Contents Background Barack Obama, the coupaw discount code incumbent President of the United States in 2016, whose second term expired at noon on January 20, 2017 Further information: United States presidential election Article Two of the United States Constitution provides that the President and Vice President.
Senate and was the First Lady of the United States, became the first woman to formally launch a major candidacy for the presidency.
322 What is Aleppo?311 The Senate Intelligence Committee announced the scope of their official inquiry on December 13, 2016, on a bipartisan basis; work began on January 24, 2017.337 Throughout the day, the election process went more smoothly than many had expected, with only a few reports of long lines and equipment problems.1 Data scientist Azhar Hamdan, explained the paradoxes of the 2016 outcome compared Trump's 30 states against Clinton 's 20 states and the District of Columbia, 351 352 saying "chief among them the discrepancy between the popular vote, which Hillary Clinton won.8 million.301 Other traditionally Republican papers, including the New Hampshire Union Leader, which had endorsed the Republican nominee in every election for the last 100 years, 302 The Detroit News, which had not endorsed a non-Republican in its 143 years, 303 and the Chicago Tribune, 304.Moreover, he has insisted that Washington is "broken" and can only be fixed by an outsider.
English political scientist Lloyd Gruber says, "One of the major casualties of the 2016 election season has been the reputation of political science, a discipline whose practitioners had largely dismissed Donald Trump's chances of gaining the Republican nomination." 338 The final polls showed a lead.
President Barack Obama, a Democrat and former.S.
Trump acknowledged that the phrase was suggested to him, and he was initially skeptical about using.
103 The following table displays the final winning probabilities given by each outlet, along with the final electoral result.Birdie Sanders during a campaign stop in Portland, Oregon, a white-winged two-barred crossbill landed on Sanders's lectern while he was addressing a large crowd of supporters.106 Nominees Other major candidates Main article: Democratic Party presidential candidates, 2016 The following candidates were frequently interviewed by major broadcast networks and cable news channels, or were listed in publicly published national polls.Chris Suprun stated that he cast his presidential vote for John Kasich and his vice presidential vote for Carly Fiorina.135 Constitution Party Main articles: Constitution Party of the United States and Constitution Party presidential primaries, 2016 Darrell Castle, Constitution Party Ballot access to 207 electoral votes ( 451 with write-in map As write-in: Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland.President Trump mistakenly urged Ohio voters to get out and vote for Republican Rep.Red denotes counties that went to Trump; blue denotes counties that went to Clinton.