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Clannad : Word of God states that the main theme is family.
Back to the Future is a teen flick (teenage protagonist, characters and hijinks a matchmaking Rom Com (George and Lorraine a Period Piece (partially set in the mid- 1950's ) and an epic, sci-fi win 8.1 browser Time Travel adventure all in one.
Lemmings was so unlike anything that came before that it still defies easy categorization, although the Mega Drive box calls it an "action puzzle" game.
The Incredibles is an family dramedy satire with explosions.Case in point: The song "Megalodon".It's primarily about how their personalities affect their job and vice versa rather than how the cases are solved.Given their notably evolving sound throughout their various albums (and sometimes even within albums) they might qualify for Alternative Metal as well.But TV Tropes likes to say it's a Shoujo, and back away slowly.Okay, so it's a harem.It also uses deconstructionist theory to tackle issues such as gender roles, the incest taboo, and binary principle.Inside Out is a philosophical and psychological of life/road movie/buddy movie/adventure/fantasy.With some reconstruction later.Oh yeah, he also incorporates robot dancing, nun-chakus and chicken into his stage performances.GX, starts off as a routine Gaming and Sports Anime and Manga that gradually morphs into a full-blown Mind Screw, with a chaser of psychological exploration and numerous Take Thats at shonen anime tropes and concepts from its franchise's original series.
Shinichiro Watanabe: The work, which becomes new genre itself, will be called.
It's a show about a retired superhero turned private detective with ptsd, and is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but very deliberately Not Like The Avengers.
Their latest album, Dum Spiro Spero continues the trend, and has gotten compared.
Up is a comedy/drama/tragedy/jungle adventure/WW2-style pulp adventure/talking dogs/extremely difficult to categorize but highly enjoyable movie.Plus, there are forays into outright comedy, comedy/horror episodes, and self-reflexive postmodernism (often comedic).Licensed Retailer Of Licensed Music Entertainment Merchandise From Mainstream To Underground #.However, "Interception" battles are really a Tower Defense mini-game, where players must defend fortifications against waves of invading enemies, while "Suppression" battles use the inverse - players attacking fortified enemy strongholds.They Might Be Giants : The only way to place them within a genre is to a slap a big fat "Alternative" sticker on every song they write.The Acacia Strain mixes elements of metalcore, beatdown hardcore, djent, sludge metal, and death metal into a package that, while accessible, doesn't really fit into any easy stylistic categories.Perhaps you'd like to do some mix of body horror, gothic horror, religious horror, and cosmic horror?Pendulum, in particular, is one notable example.That's where this trope comes.The toys also blended traditional lego bricks and standard Technic pieces with the unique Bionicle parts.Beck has done rap, jazz, pop, rock, hip-hop, blues, country, tropicalia, techno, experimental, indie, alternative, folk, anti-folk, dance, funk.These languages are (typically) the result of one language merging with a group of other related ones, with the vocabulary taking from both while much of the grammar is created from scratch.