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6.5 300 win mag load data

But Aston Martin wouldnt sell many cars if they had to justify them as the most frugal option, and James Bond could certainly have driven something more affordable if he simply wanted to get from point A to point.
Its full length magnum case also allows the new cartridge to have a long.2995 inch neck and plenty of case length to accommodate 156-160 grain bullets, although the initial Weatherby factory loads use only 127, 130 and 140 grain bullets.The.26 Nosler is a very fast, flat shooting cartridge that burns a lot of powder.EBook Editions, download the Reloading Handbook from iTunes or, amazon.Frankly, it is hard to see much point to bullets lighter than 140 grains in the.264, given its over-bore case capacity.Guns and Shooting Online staff, and myself personally.We know that our customers expect high velocity from us and so for Weatherby to introduce the fastest.5mm on the planet seemed only fitting.Recoil wasnt punishing; the Mark V has an excellent stock and recoil kappa delta gifts pad, and with a weight of 8 pounds, the Accumark does an admirable job bridling the hyper-velocity.5-300.
Last year Adam harvested a Dall sheep, mountain caribou and a bull elk with the rifle all one shot kills and Brenda Weatherby, Adams wife, dropped a six-point bull elk in Idaho on public land with you guessed it one round.
However, at the time the Winchester Magnums were introduced, Weatherby was a specialty rifle manufacturer, not a major player as it is today, and the world was ready for mass market magnum rifles and ammunition from the likes of Winchester and Remington.
6.555 Swedish Mauser,.264 Winchester Magnum and.5-300 Weatherby Magnum.
Ammo and only in a single load using a 125 grain Partition bullet.The.5-300 faces stiff competition from other loads, specifically Noslers fast 26 that predates it by a couple years, but the Weatherby has muscled its way to the top of the.5 hill, and there are precious few things this cartridge wont.On iTunes, on Amazon.Take it with you anywhere!If outsize and/or dangerous game is on the menu, the.5x55 (and similar size cartridges, such as the.260 Remington and.5mm Creedmoor) can drive 156-160 grain bullet at MVs around fps.The memory of that first trigger break and the terrific roar and slap that followed will remain etched in my mind forever.From a 24 inch barrel and similar velocity can be achieved by reloaders.For hunters who dont want to dial their scope for range and there are many in this category flat-shooting cartridges like the.5-300 Weatherby Magnum are the answer.The ME is 3583.

Today, young shooters seem to be ignorant, or simply not care, about barrel erosion.